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Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Poem

It is 75 degrees today. I feel like you are ready to leave us. I was invincible this summer, old enough to not give all of my heart, but just enough so the pain was manageable. When you're older you can manage the pain. You can drive to virginia and ohio by yourself and look out the window and think oh how nice. You can rent a hotel and pump gas and drive through the rain and camp in poison ivy, and pay the dr $170 because you just don't want to get all pussed out. make friends or dance alone. You can read a poem to your brother at his wedding, and wear a red dress, because you're single, you're old enough to be bright and noticed and say hey, its me im ok. And what are you going to do about August anyway? Its a problem you cant solve but you dont want to. You just hold it tight and try to get your skin more brown. You notice when its not still light at 8:30 anymore and you notice when youre ready to just rest and read more books. and sweaters will be ok. you can hibernate. you have been going 90 miles an hour. the sun will still sink back past the mountains and if youre lucky you can still take a look. summer summer summer you were good and fresh and the only summer ive known as this woman who does whatever she wants. and doesnt cry. just shrugs and says hey its just another month. and who needs leaves? and kids out of school? summer is so free sometimes you need a little reigning in.

I scream

I really love this stuff

Labor Day

last weekend to get your swim on.


makes me happy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This is how I feel today, I can't concentrate on anything.

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Alice Neel

your life was crazy but you are awesome. wiki

Friday, August 22, 2014


“To him she seemed so beautiful, so seductive, so different from ordinary people, that he could not understand why no one was as disturbed as he by the clicking of her heels on the paving stones, why no one else's heart was wild with the breeze stirred by the sighs of her veils, why everyone did not go mad with the movements of her braid, the flight of her hands, the gold of her laughter. He had not missed a single one of her gestures, not one of the indications of her character, but he did not dare approach her for fear of destroying the spell.” ― Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera


I got to snuggle with Vincent yesterday, my orange kitty. It was super rad.


I just like these.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Away again

Sorry I've been hiding. I'd like to be back now if you'll still have me?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

the color and the shape


so beautiful.

yoga bunnies

so, I just received a work study opportunity at charm city yoga, the biggest and best yoga community in the Baltimore/ Maryland area. very excited! will have to be whippin myself into shape, and getting zen on some shit..

pretty stuff/ let the sun shine in

The Sunlight Of The Soul: If we care not for the present, And our thoughts are on the past, And we know not of the future With its darkened clouds o'ercast: When the storm-clouds of the present Darken all our hopes and fears, And our hearts grow sad beneath them, And our eyes our dim with tears: Hours of trouble, hours of sorrow, Soon with splendor overcast, Turn the sorrows that we borrow Back into the distant past. Thus with past illumination Is our present hours made bright, And our former darkened moments With a glory-wave made light. Then the beauty of the sunshine To the present gives a glow, As with misty gleams the future Glances on the scenes below. For our hearts must then grow lighter As we catch those pleasant beams, And our eyes with light grow brighter With the soul's reflecting dreams. And the storm-clouds that o'ershadow, Pass away beneath the rays Of a former golden pastime, As reflected on our ways. Teaching us that 'neath the curtain Where the darkness lurks within, That our thoughts will cast a shadow Where the sunlight should come in. Thus in moments when we're nervous With a care that few can test, Then this sunlight that is golden Gives our soul its needed rest. And our troubles quickly vanish As the storm-clouds backward roll From the glory of the spirit, And the sunlight of the soul -James S. Jennings.

loong hiatus

longest lack of posting in green bean history? sad. no excuse. many sorrys.

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so. i had another crazy dream this morning... kelly and i were living in someone elses house, a family on vacation. the whole time i had a bad feeling that we were going to get caught, or that we were doing something we werent supposed to. then there they are unpacking their suitcases in the hallway and wondering who the hell we are. i remember talking to one of the younger guys that lived there or something, sitting by a desk. so they didnt kick us out. scene flash to real life and shadow got out of the gate and was standing by laurens rd until i called him back over. maybe i woke up. but then in the dream jamie came to pick me up. we drove through town and there were large colorful balloons everywhere, i think he said it was like a hot air balloon weekend. I was really excited to see the view of town and imagined how beautiful it would be to see them in the air. but we were leaning against the fence and my hands were shaking and i was crying. and then he left me there on top of the hill and i woke up. dreammoods says: To see balloons in your dream indicate declining hopes and disappointments in your search for love. A situation in your life will take a turn downward. Balloons also represent arrogance and an inflated opinion of yourself. To see an ascending balloon in your dream signifies frustrating conditions in your life in which you are seeking to rise above. You are expressing a desire to escape. On a positive note, balloons symbolize celebration and festivities. You need to acknowledge your inner child. Room: To dream that you are in a room represents a particular aspect of yourself or a specific relationship. Dreams about various rooms often relate to hidden areas of the conscious mind and different aspects of your personality. If the room is welcoming or comfortable, then it signifies opulence and satisfaction in life. If you see a dark or confined room, then it denotes that you feel trapped or repressed in a situation. To dream that you find or discover a new room suggests that you are developing new strengths and taking on new roles. You may be growing emotionally. Consider what you find in the discovered room as it may indicate repressed memories, fears, or rejected emotions. Alternatively, such rooms are symbolic of neglected skills or rejected potential.

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Shovels and Rope

Shovels and rope/ cary ann hearst and michael trent. what can i even say about these guys? i've seen them 3 times and each time it gets better. from the low country of south carolina they are moving UP. listen to the thread, o' be joyful, forsaken blues, and of course gasoline and boxcar

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