Saturday, February 6, 2010


I start my new job on monday. Ill have to work a full week 8-5 for training (including 5 hours next saturday) and then Ill be on second shift starting somewhere in the afternoon and getting off at midnight. I really should have gone out to celebrate last night, on my LAST free friday for who knows how long. But the crappy weather kept me inside and now I can't shake this feeling of wanting to explode out of my skin with boredom and anxiety.

But today I have to make chicken pot pies, and help my cousin with her paper, and go watch my nana from 3-5. Then I have to come back home and help my cousin make study guides. Hopefully after that I can "blow this pop stand" and enter into the wild night.

I hate having the pressure of something ahead, a time limit, and even though I've been obsessing about it all week I still did the opposite of what I wanted. sigh.

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