Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekend Update

Hi there! Just a few bits about whats going on since I don't really have time to search for photos or create a barrage of fabulous posts for you, on account of my much needed sleep and dreamtime. If I was a pro blogger I would have had some all set up to auto post and you wouldn't have even noticed my absence. Alas.

I will be driving my Dad to Little Rock, AR tomorrow in order for him to get back to his testing and treatments at UAMS. I really had to convince him to let me help, so I am excited! Before we head out theres a thousand things to do. I have to drop Shadow off at a friends, which will be super depressing, but I did get him a gourmet dog biscuit at a shop tonight with orange icing and sprinkles, so I'm sure he will be excited. I'm gonna have to drag his sleepy ass up into the bed with me tonight for some cuddles. There is a high probability I will be returning to SC via Greyhound, and although they are named after a dog they just plain don't let them on.

In other news I will finally have my own transportation again shortly. Then I will be unstoppable. Driving around in the acura today and last night was fabulous, even though I'm not too familiar with the area it's been amazing to be able to stop and get things when I need them- and to DRIVE- which I love, love, love. Picking up batteries at CVS has made me feel like a new woman! I also went downtown to the Fall for Greenville festival tonight- and we rocked out to JJ Grey and Mofro which was pretty great. But of course my ID had magically escaped from my wallet so I was bummed and couldn't buy beer. Story of life. Oh well, I don't really need a VA liscense anymore. I've been holding on to that thing for way too long. Time for a new state. Sorry Tennessee you didn't make the cut.

Somewhere along my travels I picked up a different laptop charger, so mine just won't juice. Its all so organized and graceful isn't it? I might not be able to post again for a weekish, but I trust you will be fine without me. Much much more to come. .

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