Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Bean- 100th Post!

My Dad asked me the other day what the "bean" meant in my tagline (a girl, a dog, a bean, a blog) so I told him I just didn't know what to name my blog- and I wanted it originally to be about eco-friendly design and sustainable objects. (green-bean). But I haven't even posted about any thus far!

Then last night I was thinking maybe it's more a magic bean. The bean represents a place where I can assemble anything I like. And it hasn't changed me. I'm not sad I can't buy 200$ feather hair bands. I don't want this to be like every other blog where these girls are just so freaking happy and in love with the world and they write "I want this" under everything. It can get kinda gross.

This blog is the one place I can edit and control- separate from the outside the world, which seems at this time to be pretty harsh and disappointing. But I know things will change, and something is bound to work out for me eventually. I'm so glad I've had this blog to distract me when things have been really tough, and I hope if you look through it you won't even be able to tell how heartbroken I've been. When I'm here I try not to think about any of that. I'm just attempting to keep myself inspired with things that I love! I hope it does the same for you.

I've also got a little project cooking up my sleeve, and we'll see if I can use this humble podium to contribute even more to the "community". But you'll have to stick around for that later.

So all in all- Congratulations to my little bean, and whatever it is growing into. 100th post, woot!

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