Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Black Star

Well. I saw this picture and figured it summed up how I was feeling. But a bit more glamorous, and I dont have any balloons. You get the idea right? Took a whirlwind trip to VA yesterday to pick up "my" 4runner, and got to stop in Richmond and see some of my old peeps and streets. It was great, but now that I'm back here it just hurts. When I lived in Richmond I never wanted to run away every second like I do now. But then I realized it doesn't matter where I am I still have no purpose. so thats depressing.

More of my family arrived last night, which I thought would help me feel more cheerful. They went out downtown to lunch today at some fusion resturaunt they were raving about, but decided to just let me sit here in my pajamas all day. Phone never rang. Cool guys. Tracked em down at my aunts and ate pizza, forced myself to drink some red wine, and then drove home about 10:30 in the sleet. to put my pajamas back on.

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