Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feeling Christmassy??

Ahhhh. Needles to say I'm not ready. We got back to Greenville on Saturday night after driving all day (way to go Dad) and I at least got my clothes unpacked yesterday. But I haven't gotten any presents bought, wrapped, baked anything, gotten crafty etc etc. Christmas decorations just arent things you shove in your pack when you depart from your dwelling in September, and my aunt gets mad if we leave the lights on or turn up the heat so I'm fairly positive a glue gun mess of shit wouldn't ring her bell. I did get my Nanas 90th birthday party invitations assembled and adressed and sent yesterday so I guess that was the most important thing. I miss being in choir and singing Christmas songs for 2 months beforehand, running around in the snow with my bro, making cookies with my mom. sigh. Heres to today and tomorrow being productive and full on fucking cheerful.

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