Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

So heres Shadow in his favorite position- sprawled out on the floor. It's hard to get a picture of him awake, as he probably sleeps about 78% of the day. Today however was quite busy- he got to run around with my aunts pup, Rosie, wear his hat, lay on the floor behind me while I made pecan sandies and say hi to the guinea pigs. And by hi I mean stick his nose to the cage and not move until he just has to jump up on the side of it. When they chirp he totally freaks out. My aunt does not think his infatuation so adorable, but I'm about 89% sure he's not going to eat them. Now he's being a good blogger dog, just sitting beside me.
So there. Cookies got made and presents got bought (last night) and I even wrapped a few. Not enough singing but thats something to work on in the new year. We are having a family cocktail party now- giant shrimps and the other kind too. Wishing everyone who may read this a wonderful evening with friends or family and a happy delicious morning!!


  1. Thanks! -anks, -anks, -anks...

  2. You too! ...and I mean it, too, I mean also.