Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Koezelek Muzak

Summer Dress
Shock Me
Have you Forgotten

the light color in the room
the sunshine seeping in
doesn't mix with the black of
death's angel looming in
i've had enough of the
brutal beatings and name callings
to lose me to this bed
bruised internally
your praise little gifts you spent your money
and stuffed me with
didn't amount to anything
the attention i need is much more serious
a kind of weight you couldn't lift
even if your cheap career
depended on it
i need someone much more
to be my miss
to be my mistress

Carry Me Ohio Sun Kil Moon

So the warmer weather made me think of Summer Dress- I remember being 14 and listening to the Red House Painters. I spent a day downloading Mistress onto my imac from Napster. Just found out Mark Koezelek / Sun Kil Moon did an entire Modest Mouse cover album! holy balls.

Exit Does Not Exist
Ocean Breathes Salty

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