Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moving Day

I just found some pictures I took last year when we were "spring cleaning"- rather, vacating our apartment after the cancer tornado hit. I documented well the items we were selling, and then put the camera down. Not sure why I didn't take at least one picture of my room, because it was adorable. Not sure why I didn't move the penguin out of the way. I was taking a picture of the rug.

Seems like the past 4 moves have been so abrupt there wasn't ever time to spruce up and notate the surroundings. Which is super depressing, since I rarely get to decorate anything (assholes). But once the boxes get picked up from the liquor store its all over. Once the Uhaul is rented its time to bust-ass. And the last time all I took was a backpack. Everything changes so quickly. Here I am in my blue room in SC with a pew and a hand-me down bed from a 7 year olds room. Who could have planned this? But I'm not bitter. Its pretty. (you'll see when I get a new camera for my birthday. ok?)

Shadow got this penguin from Anthropologie. One day we walked up the block to shop with hard earned Gap money- and he carried it home in his mouth.

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