Saturday, January 23, 2010


Read the Printed Word!

Well, you can't even see this really but its a dumb pledge going around the blogosphere for people who read everything on the internet to try and get back to book basics or somesuch.

Night before last I read a book called Paper Kisses about these 2 people that were in love during WW2 and kept writing love letters to each other for 4 years, even though they only got to see each other for like 13 days total. Part of the problem was he was a jew, and he cheated on her with an aryan women, who had a veneral disease, and then when he went to the dr he got arrested for having sex with her, and then went to jail for 3 years. Then he escaped Germany to Lithuania, and when things were getting worse he finally said okay ima just marry this otha bitch cuz shes closer, and then like a few months later he got killed by Nazis while riding his bicycle. I can assume he was going to look at this trilobite fossil cave because he was in love with them. The girl lived in the same apartment he had been writing to her whole life, and never got married. Not the most uplifting story, but it was true, and compiled by someone who bought the letters at an auction in 1995.

So yeah. I read. Yay for me.

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