Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last Night

(in my dream) I got kicked out of the Playboy mansion. .

I remember driving past it with my Dad- a big gray stone building, set back off the busy street in Richmond, Va. It wasn't very impressive. I could tell something was going on, so I tried to talk to Hef about keeping me around. Not sure if I got in trouble for something or what. But he didn't really even pay attention. Then I was having a conversation with the girls, the three that live there now, saying things like "I know I'm different from you guys but I want to get along" and then they just started whispering in each others ears right in front of me.

So I went to pack my stuff. This part probably comes from the anxiety I have about moving yet again and downsizing yet again and still not really having a place for anything. But anyways- there was a huge bookshelf filled with records, and I was trying to find mine and pack them up. There were all kinds of old records, with like skits and plays and I was having trouble finding mine. I remember packing up some books, because there were books everywhere, and I was thinking damn I just want to lay around here all day and read books, and go out at night. Wouldn't that be perfect? Thinking that I hadn't done that enough while I was there. My Dad was sitting there somewhere being grumpy, waiting on my slow ass while I fumbled around.

I put some things in a pile and a big gust of wind came through. Apparently one of the girls rooms was separated from mine by the bookshelf (they were both very small) and the wind went through to her side and cracked the wall underneath her window. Or knocked something into it. I don't know, but she wasn't happy. And neither was I- homeless again.

Heres what dream moods had to say: To dream that you are being evicted suggests that a present relationship or situation is making you feel helpless and powerless. You feel that you cannot fend for yourself and have a sense of not belonging. Alternatively, you believe that you are being unfairly treated. (and deserve a volvo)

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  1. love this bed-picture! looks very comfy and cuddly...