Monday, November 2, 2009

Blog Un-Love

So, I love looking at new blogs. There is a lot of cool stuff out there that I wouldn't otherwise find out about. But, I have some beef. There are some things that just make me super depressed. Like 1,000 pumpkins in a field spelling out will you marry me, and that ladys shameless photo of her 2 new books, that is really just showing off a picture of her and her cute husband. Oh, people. I am so glad you have hearts full of love and babies that you think are the most amazing creatures in the world. Or you have busy weekends hanging out with all your friends. But not everybody has that. Some of us have nothing. And maybe it is common sense that you shouldn't look at wedding blogs for 2 hours if you just got dumped, it's probably obvious that will make you want to die. So, point taken. I will turn my head aside and try to be more positive about my future. I just wish some of you gals would try to do more positive things with your blogs and for your readers, instead of just bragging about new furniture and exciting weekends away.

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